Mandar College is a constituent unit of Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand. situated on Ranchi- Daltanganj route at the distance of 32 km from Ranchi. It was established Socially activists in the leadership of one Kapil Nath Sahu in the year 1972. It was the period where there was no college between Ranchi and Lohardaga.Although some high schools rid exist those days, poor students, in most of the cases were forced to stop their educational journey of higher studies, after passing matriculation or higher secondary exams. In a way, there was complete darkness so for as the higher education was concerned. But fortunately, some intellections of the need of a centre of higher education, and thus the college came into existence. Obviously it was a Merciless task to run a college in a tribal based area but gradually it succeeded in getting the goodwill and support of all the people as well as the state government. And consequently in about 42-43 years it has enrooted itself deeply facing the challenges of multiple kinds. In the beginning it has only Arts stream but after a decade or so Commerce faculty was added to it. As it is a degree college, it has provided thousands of graduates who are scarring the society and nation with different capacities. It provides honors teaching in all the Arts subjects as well as in Commerce along with Mathematics which is a solo dept. in the name of science. For around 14 years teachers of this college served it on a negligible salary. In 1986 it was converted into a constituents unit of Ranchi University. And from there it took a new turn. From mud built building it was shifted to a brick built building and since then it has been moving on the path of progress careering to the needs of laces of the people challenges have been there before it.

Presently there are around 5500 students enrolled. Even if the college doesn’t have infrastructure up to make, the teachers, who are well qualified do their best ….. the students for their results better than before. As majority of the students belong to ST and SC community, teachers have to work hard in their field.Not only this the ratio of the boys and girls is around 50-50. The college has brought. Revolution in their life. Almost from every family girls are coming forward to have college education. And being graduate they follow better life style and take benefit of …… planning. They serve as teachers, social activities, nurses, and so on. Thus it can be said that apparently the college has changed the total scenario of this belt.

The college is situated on Dalytengang/Lohardaga road, which is around 32 km from Ranchi town. The college building is situated just at the half km of distance from the main road that is NH. The college has many high schools as its pocket which supply sufficient number of students ultimately to the college.

The college has a great vision of imparting higher education to all the members of each and every ……. Since the poor community can’t reach the town, from higher studies, college students to fulfill their dream and change their life, their vision and their standard of living to tribal community of this area, understands very well the problems of such students, and their fore he holds meetings it tribal students sensitize all regarding higher students. All the teachers help them with their knowledge and experiences. Both the faculties-mole of…..are always ready to make the dream of the people true. Most of them are Ph.D. and …… are pursuing for the same degree. We strength believe that the college will prove its worth in future in much better way.